Notarize files, create NFTs with the Pablock API service

Don’t rely on trust. Rely on the blockchain, thanks to Pablock!

We transform business processes to make them transparent, decentralized, traceable and auditable.

Transparent digitalization

Pablock API service adds a layer of transparency, attribution and verifiability to your applications, your database data or any digital documents stored in your company!
By connecting your IT system to our perfectly scalable permissionless blockchain notarization architecture, you will benefit from all the advantages offered by the technology.
We offer customized solutions for your problems, contact us to discuss with our experts and find the solution tailored to you.

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By connecting your business to our API service, you can take advantage of the benefits of blockchain technology without any effort and at a certain cost, we take care of everything!

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Pablock API

You provide us with the data or files to be certified on blockchain and we return the proof of certification to you in full transparency. We can create and associate NFTs with your digital files.

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Data is notarized on Polygon, an Ethereum sidechain, and then anchored on Ethereum mainnet. All transactions are verifiable at any time.

A world of possibilities with Pablock API

Notarize your management system logs

Create tamper-proof records of the existence and integrity of your organization’s documents, files and business processes.


Generate automatic audit trails to verify all changes made to a document.

IoT Connections

IoT devices can be connected to the notarization service to publish data to blockchain and have their firmware certified to prove their integrity.

Data integrity

Instead of trying to stop off-system attacks, you can now prevent, detect and act on any type of attack on your systems, whether it comes from outside or inside your organization.


You can give us any type of file. In addition to the notarization receipt of your files we can return you NFT associated with your products. Imagine how many new possibilities open up for your business thanks to this service.


With Pablock you can create ERC20 tokens that you can use for your own purposes, such as a token reservation system, or a secure and transparent voting system. These are just a few of the many possibilities offered by ERC20 tokens and Pablock.

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Why choose Pablock

What are the benefits of using blockchain technology with Pablock?

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You will no longer have to rely on third parties for (unprovable) assurance that your files are being handled safely and correctly. Trust between parties is guaranteed by the blockchain.

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With blockchain technology, we can make your business processes transparent, verifiable and immutable, increasing your customers’ trust.

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Blockchain-based hashing and timestamping is evidence for 100% recognition of a document’s authenticity and validity.

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Any evidence, process or chronological record produced by Pablock is incorruptible and verifiable independently and by anyone.

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All steps and actions taken can be audited transparently and independently by anyone in the world, all the way back to the source.

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Thanks to blockchain technology and our API service, we can offer you full scalability to meet your every need.

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