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Pablock Gaming is aimed at Game Developers who want to implement blockchain logic in their video games. Making it easy to interact with the blockchain.
Pablock implements an API service that can be queried to manage all possible actions, from contract deployment to token transfer according to game logic. In this way, the game developer does not have to directly develop smart contracts and blockchain management, but can leverage Pablock’s API (with a custom set up) for easy access.

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Pablock uses a permissionless blockchain to notarize data. The data is notarized on Polygon, a sidechain of Ethereum, and then anchored on Ethereum mainnet. The user gets a receipt with verifiable data of the correct transaction on both Polygon and Ethereum.

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Transparency and NFT

Each transaction takes place ensuring the security and traceability of each process and certified file. In addition, Pablock allows you to send to your contacts the NFTs associated with notarized files. You can notarize a file, create one or more NFTs and send it to your client who will then be in possession of the document.

An Open World of Possibilities on the Blockchain...

Smart Contract deploy

Manage the game logic by deploying custom or standard Smart Contracts according to the customer’s needs.  You don’t have to develop anything, we take care of the deployment of the contracts and thanks to our scalability integrating the blockchain into your infrastructure will be a piece of cake. Moreover, you can create Smart Wallet by deploying dedicated contracts, introducing more complex logics than an EOA.

Mint FT and NFT

Mint FT and NFT through an ERC1155 contract that allows the creation of tokens according to game logic. FTs will be able to represent all game objects that have no differences between them, while NFTs will represent unique tokens each with their specific characteristics, and in full compatibility with the OpenSea standard. In addition, the Mint ERC721 through an ERC721 contract previously deployed, allows you to create the object token according to OpenSea standards.

Transfer FT and NFT

Transfer FT and NFT, allows the transfer of tokens between users by single transfer or batch transfer in the case of ERC1155 in order to speed up the transfer by reducing transactions. In addition, you can upload game data to IPFS and link it to the minted tokens.

Why choose Pablock

What are the benefits of using blockchain technology with Pablock?

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You will no longer have to rely on third parties for (unprovable) assurance that your files are being handled safely and correctly. Trust between parties is guaranteed by the blockchain.

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With blockchain technology, we can make your business processes transparent, verifiable and immutable, increasing your customers’ trust.

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Blockchain-based hashing and timestamping is evidence for 100% recognition of a document’s authenticity and validity.

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Any evidence, process or chronological record produced by Pablock is incorruptible and verifiable independently and by anyone.

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All steps and actions taken can be audited transparently and independently by anyone in the world, all the way back to the source.

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Thanks to blockchain technology and our API service, we can offer you full scalability to meet your every need.

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