Pablock Token Ecosystem

Create and manage your own token ecosystem on blockchain without worries!

Pablock Ecosystem allows you to leverage tokens (ERC20) and NFTs (ERC721) leaving you free to use the blockchain to its fullest for your purposes

Move freely inside the blockchain

Pablock Ecosystem not only allows you to create tokens (ERC20) and NFTs (ERC21) but also to use these tools for your own purposes, without having to worry about developing a blockchain ecosystem for management and usage. Using Pablock you don’t have to worry about the technicalities to realize your blockchain projects, connecting your system to our services (with a customized set up of the API service) you will be able to use the blockchain unhindered and at its best for your purposes, at a fixed and low cost. With Pablock Ecosystem you can integrate the blockchain into your system and use tokens to manage votes and reservations for you and your customers, without having to develop anything on the blockchain.

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Pablock uses a permissionless blockchain to notarize data. The data is notarized on Polygon, a sidechain of Ethereum, and then anchored on Ethereum mainnet. The user gets a receipt with verifiable data of the correct transaction on both Polygon and Ethereum.

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Transparency and NFT

Each transaction takes place ensuring the security and traceability of each process and certified file. In addition, Pablock allows you to send to your contacts the NFTs associated with notarized files. You can notarize a file, create one or more NFTs and send it to your client who will then be in possession of the document.

With Pablock Ecosystem you can...

Issuing tokens

With Pablock you can create ERC20 tokens that you can use as you like for your own purposes. You don’t have to worry about creating tokens, or developing systems to interface with the blockchain, we take care of creating and issuing the tokens, you only have to think about using the tokens as you like.

Token Management

Need help managing your tokens? Don’t worry, we’ve always got you covered. Once created and issued, we’ll help you manage your tokens within your platform or system so your customers can use your tokens easily and securely.

Buy unique pieces

With Pablock you can create NFTs (ERC721) to associate with unique products by proving digital ownership of the product with its sale. By integrating our blockchain system into your marketplace you can guarantee the digital uniqueness of your products to your customers and make each product traceable and transparent.

Why choose Pablock

What are the benefits of using blockchain technology with Pablock?

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You will no longer have to rely on third parties for (unprovable) assurance that your files are being handled safely and correctly. Trust between parties is guaranteed by the blockchain.

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With blockchain technology, we can make your business processes transparent, verifiable and immutable, increasing your customers’ trust.

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Blockchain-based hashing and timestamping is evidence for 100% recognition of a document’s authenticity and validity.

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Any evidence, process or chronological record produced by Pablock is incorruptible and verifiable independently and by anyone.

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All steps and actions taken can be audited transparently and independently by anyone in the world, all the way back to the source.

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Thanks to blockchain technology and our API service, we can offer you full scalability to meet your every need.

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