Pablock Web-app

Do you want to use a ready-made graphical interface?

You can use our Web-app. You’ll be able to interact directly with the blockchain easily and quickly, paying a fixed subscription and managing your files 

Want an alternative solution to the API service to access the blockchain?

Don’t worry, we have developed a simple and intuitive web-app that allows you to leverage blockchain technology to certify data, create NFTs and multi-sign documents anywhere you want in total convenience.

Who is our Web-app for


Certify files for your clients, sign agreements with them, manage their contracts on blockchain and create NFTs.


Ad hoc solutions for the corporate world. Certify important data and create NFTs for your products.

Content Creator

Create digital works (images, text, audio) that are public or password protected, certify them on blockchain and create NFTs.

How it works

We know how difficult it can be to understand and use blockchain, that’s why we have created Pablock: a web-app that allows you to use blockchain technology for file and NFT certification in a secure, fast and above all simple way! To prove the existence of a file or data, its uniqueness, ownership and ownership at a certain date.

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What is Pablock

Pablock is a service that uses blockchain technology to allow you to certify any file in a secure, immutable and legally valid way. With Pablock you can: certify any file on the blockchain, create NFTs to be associated to your files and take advantage of the multi-signature option for files and documents.

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Pablock uses a permissionless blockchain to notarize data. The data is notarized on Polygon, a sidechain of Ethereum, and then anchored on Ethereum mainnet. The user gets a receipt with verifiable data of the correct transaction on both Polygon and Ethereum. The files are stored on the decentralized IPFS database.

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Each transaction takes place ensuring the security and traceability of each process and certified file. In addition, Pablock allows you to send to your contacts the NFTs associated with notarized files. Creating a network for exchanging and signing files in total security, transparency and incorruptibility will no longer be a problem.

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Pablock leverages blockchain technology to make every notarized file, every file exchange or signature, every NFT traceable, and to always give you the ability to see the history of a file, or an NFT, from its inception. Forgetting dates and archiving documents will no longer be a problem, with Pablock everything is easier.

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You don’t need to already have wallets or cryptocurrencies to start using Pablock, and you don’t have to worry about transaction costs…. We take care of everything, you just need to get the files to notarize. Pablock allows you to interact directly with the blockchain without worrying about the more complex technical and economic aspects!

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Creating a wallet takes a lot of time… one click! Once the account is created, a non-custodial wallet is automatically generated without the need for the user to intervene in the process. Only the user has the access keys to the wallet that allow you to use the wallet in total simplicity and security.

Pablock's functions

Certify files on blockchain

Certify files (audio tracks, texts, images…) on blockchain quickly and easily, without the need for intermediaries. You can choose whether to make the content of your files public or only accessible via password. In addition, you can verify the certification of your files from an Ethereum blockchain explorer, such as Etherscan.


With Pablock you can take advantage of the multi-signature option of a file, allowing your contacts to sign documents with you securely and without cheating. This option allows you to manage within your network of contacts the signing of your files in a totally transparent way.

Create NFT

With Pablock you can create NFTs (ERC721) to be associated with a file, and you can send them to your contacts, or keep them in your wallet, or export them outside Pablock: to give them away, sell them, or do whatever you want. Just like an NFT this function is unique to Pablock!


With Pablock you can choose, when notarizing a file, whether to make the contents of the document public or not. This feature allows you to manage your files and your network in the most optimal way for you. We do not use our own centralized server for file storage but the decentralized IPFS database. We do not sell disk space or store any documents on our servers.

Digital Identity

With Pablock you can choose whether to create a wallet by entering only username and password or you can decide to create a link between your wallet and your identity using PSD2 authentication with cell phone or digitally signing a pdf certifying the possession of the wallet and sending it by pec. The notarization has legal value, the link between identity and possession of the wallet is what makes the difference in the evidentiary phase.

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Why choose Pablock Web-app

What are the benefits of using blockchain technology with Pablock?

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You will no longer have to rely on third parties for (unprovable) assurance that your files are being handled safely and correctly. Trust between parties is guaranteed by the blockchain.

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With blockchain technology, we can make your business processes transparent, verifiable and immutable, increasing your customers’ trust.

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Blockchain-based hashing and timestamping is evidence for 100% recognition of a document’s authenticity and validity.

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Any evidence, process or chronological record produced by Pablock is incorruptible and verifiable independently and by anyone.

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All steps and actions taken can be audited transparently and independently by anyone in the world, all the way back to the source.

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Thanks to blockchain technology and our API service, we can offer you full scalability to meet your every need.

Choose the right plan for you!

Operations: notarizing a file, creating a single NFT associated with the file, transferring an NFT. Each subscription plan provides a certain number of operations. You can choose how to manage the operations. You can create one file and many NFTs, you can use the operations available only for notarizing documents… you can choose how to use the operations according to your needs.

Multi-signature Document: possibility to use the multi-signature option for one of your documents or files.

NFT creation: possibility to create NFTs associated with your files.

NFT transfer: possibility to transfer NFTs to one of your contacts or export NFTs outside Pablock.

Hierarchical Wallet: allows you to create vertically linked wallets for your employees.

*All prices below are exclusive of VAT.


5 /A operation
  • Total Operations: 3
  • Multi-signature document: 1
  • NFT creation
  • NFT Transfer


  • Total Operations: 50
  • Multi-signature document: 1
  • NFT creation
  • NFT Transfer


  • Total Operations: 200
  • Multi-signature document: 5
  • NFT creation
  • NFT Transfer


  • Total Operations: 1000
  • Multi-signature document: 10
  • NFT creation
  • NFT Transfer


Customized price
  • Custom transactions per month
  • Customized Multi-signature Document
  • NFT creation
  • NFT Transfer
  • Hierarchical wallet

Want a custom web-app?

Do you want to take advantage of blockchain technology using a customized system through a Web-app?

We can develop a graphical interface to create a Web-app tailored to your needs! Contact us and find out how to use blockchain to best meet your needs with Pablock.

Roadmap Web-app


Pablock Web-app

Release of the official Pablock beta version, technical documentation and whitepaper.

Q3 2021

Blockchain Exlorer

Ability to share the display of files or NFTs via links on ad-hoc created blockchain explorer

Q4 2021

Marketplace and token rights

You will be able to buy or sell NFTs directly on Pablock, and set up rights on the created NFTs to keep shares on subsequent sales of my NFTs.

Q4 2021

NFT and file management

It will be possible to place tags on NFTs to give users the ability to search NFTs by tag within Pablock as in a marketplace. Additionally, you will be able to organize your certifications into folders with custom labels.

Questions? We’ll help you get on the right path.

If you have questions about Pablock, pricing, implementation, or anything else, we’re here to help.

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